Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The 100 Day Project Begins!

The 100 Day Project began on 1/31 on Instagram. Follow the hashtag #the100dayproject to see what everyone creates. I did this project a few years ago by challenging myself to draw with pen and not using a pencil. It was great fun and a couple of pics from that project in 2017 below!

Here is a picture of my 100 days of drawings on shipping tags from 2017

One of my favs

And drawing on a disposable coffee cup. No pencil

For this year 2021 my theme is ‘Objects of my Affection.’ With drawing and painting and using a pencil. This really knocks it up a few notches. And with this project I am thinking of things that give me joy, especially during the Pandemic.

I love drinking my coffee in pretty coffee cups! Hot tea too!

Of course, reading! My great escape. I am on Book 9 for 2021. I recommend this happy book ‘The Garden of Small Beginnings’ by Abbi Waxman. I miss the characters from this book!

Day 4: Birkenstock’s and socks. Birks are the only shoes I wear. Sandals, shoes, boots!
Onward and upward we go! More to come! 

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