Saturday, November 10, 2007

Journal Quilt 2007

I Carry Your Heart in My Heart
a poem by e. e. cummings

Techniques Used: embellishments of beads, charm and zipper; painted, photo transfer, paper hands

The entire poem is printed on organza on her dress


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    This is really lovely, Jamie. I loved seeing the photos of how these were hung.

  2. love, Love, LOVE it!
    Wish we'd had more time to visit ... maybe next year!

  3. I love your quilt. There is so much to see and explore with the many layers. Each time I look at it I discover even more. I love teh beading and embellishments.

  4. This is one of my favorite poems. I also love this one by Sir Philip Sidney which I used as a companion to the cummings poem.

    Love this little quilt!


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