Wednesday, May 29, 2024

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

My neighbors and I have been fighting an horrendous proposed home project, and there are days that I just can’t think about what it will do to our neighborhood. So, I work in my yard. I am worried about my neighbors not getting enough sun to work in their own gardens when two story homes are built 10 feet from their back walls. We have single story homes

The rest of the project is 3 story homes and some have roof top decks on the 4th floor. The developer referred to Eichler homes as being similar in style. Crazy talk. 

This is part of the Small Lot Subdivision Guidelines and the developer failed to meet this first one

Also there are no sidewalks or pathways. No driveways. Just streets and parking

Funny thing, the project was denied by the first two entities 

Last night the City Council voted unanimously to approve this project. We left at 11:30pm. I am not happy. But, what gives me a glimmer of hope is that some of these people will be up for re-election in November. 

Such a sham on so many levels. The developer didn’t follow the guidelines, yet approved. Did the Council read the guidelines? Then there are the scare tactics, which are red flags. They chose money over our 39 neighbors homes, over our way of life, over us reading the Guidelines, Municipal Codes, and they just didn’t care what we discovered. We were the enemy, because we could read and research and get packets on people’s doorsteps, people in those seats, expensive, hard work, and putting portions of our life on hold. I felt like it at all been decided before we even got to the meeting. My Slice of Old Town Charm has been squashed with a gavel. 

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Tackle Box Redo

My Dad’s old tackle box. I removed as much of the rust as I could. Sanded it pretty well

Cleaned and primed for paint!

Free form painting with acrylic paint which was rather fun!

Background paint was a tester jar from Home Depot

A dedication to my Dad on the bottom, because it’s important information…like a label on a quilt 

Black detail drawing with a Sharpie Paint Pen, which was so easy to use and was smooth as silk

This will be my seed storage box. Envelopes, pens, stamp and stamp pad, seed packets, seed storage

The finished Seed storage box. Sealed with Liquitex Gloss Varnish. It’s an inside box that may travel to the table on the patio from time to time! 

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

My New Tool Box

Trusco is the manufacturer and you can look for similar models on Toyo, both made in Japan. My first ‘new’ tool box. And yes, that is one of my quilts underneath it. I used to teach a class about how to make this quilt. Now, I am going to hang it in our house!

Manufacturers name and model number

It has a slim style and 2 nice handles

The side view…and the excitement mounts to see what it opens to!

So much beauty, room for everything and is visually stunning! So happy!

I have several vintage tool boxes that need to be refurbished. This was my dad’s old tackle box. It will become my garden/seed tool box soon

It has good storage too and the inside is almost pristine. A few fishing items in the bottom

And this one that I picked up in a local antique store. It doesn’t need much work

Love this cool tray. This will make a wonderful art box when I want to paint somewhere else. Stay turned for the transformations of these two vintage boxes. Working on the rust first! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Handmade Cards to a New Level

In my spare time, I love to paint all kinds of shapes with watercolor paint on white cardstock. It’s sort of meditative and relaxing to paint dots, stripes, flowers, plaids, some with more than one color and some with black and red. I have an entire box full, like a treasure chest

Then I randomly cut them into strips. No ruler needed. Some are wonky. I glue them down on a piece of paper to secure them into place.

I love how they look with all those colors and shapes!

Then I get it ready to glue to a watercolor card.

I glue it and the flaps and secure it under a heavy book so it stays flat.

Here are two samples before the next step.

Using a fine point and ultra fine pint Sharpie in black, I add some details. I love how it looks. It’s rather meditative to sit and draw with a black pen. Just do it! 

Here’s the flower one

Let’s throw caution to the wind and use markers to make the colors pop! I love this look too!

Monday, March 18, 2024

And Now for Something Completely Different

I read this book for so many reasons, but one in particular…focus. I saw myself in many of the pages of this book. The author wrote in a style that really resonated with me. It was like sitting down with a good friend and talking about ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I do have many traits and it was good to finally understand myself just a little bit more 

It was suggested to use one of these time clocks. Set it to how much time is reasonable. And then do a task, or sew, or reorganize something. You can reset it if you want more time. It really helps with focus.

Every 15 minutes to work on this project 13 square-ish, until I didn’t need the clock

Detail. A collage of wool felt, hand embroidery, buttons, felt flowers and balls. I used to teach this class

Another view

This was going to be a BiG project, but setting the clock at 30 minutes made it do-able. These are getting ready to hang on a wall. The story of family and their first dishes and a few of my own

Reorganizing my pre-fused fabrics. Another big job and used the timer clock to just focus and get it done 

These sweet umbrellas hold my neck scarves. Since we had a few rooms repainted recently, these needed to be repainted

They turned out really bright, fun and colorful. 

Friday, March 15, 2024

And then I gave it up!

We had the inside of our houses painted. Not all of the rooms, because that would make me crazy, but both bathrooms, our bedroom and the living room. It was a lot of prep work to clear out these rooms. Pretty shades of blue.

New work lamp from Etsy

Planted many seeds to start here and then to plant in the garden

Two Irises are blooming!

And then I gave up the 100 Day Project. Just too much everyday. 

I decided to repaint these that hang in our bedroom to store neck scarves

Fresh, fun and new!

Last 6 books I have read. I’ve been enjoying the books by Lisa Unger. ADHD for Smart Ass Women is a tremendous book and I could see myself on many pages of this book. 

This is a work in progress. Wool felt, wool flowers and balls, Sizzix die cuts, buttons and embroidery with Perle Cotton 8. Just keep going. Go forth and conquer. Find your own way. Do what you love!