Wednesday, June 28, 2023

My Life on a Cup series

First nine and just trying to figure out what I am doing. From minimal to the max

Second nine and I am really getting the hang of it now 

Third nine and our daughter got married to a wonderful human 

Fourth nine and winding down

My last one in the series. I need a new project. These fit into one watercolor notebook!
Onward and upward

Saturday, March 11, 2023

My Life on a Cup Series

I started a new series of watercolor paintings. My Life on a Cup. The watercolor paper is 6x6 inches 

I used to call reading a book in one day as a guilty pleasure, and now it’s just a pleasure

New sewing thrift store in Orange, CA. Two women saw a need and now they have a storefront.

It’s fun to draw coffee cups - all colors shapes and sizes

Drawing a painting book for our grands to celebrate being 5. This is my typical doodle background

Love the background on this one. There is no going back. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day! 

This was a little labor intensive to paint, but I love the results

Next rain storm. It rained for over 12 hours. 

Friday, March 03, 2023

The Wednesday Scroll Along

Two friends - Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michele Muska have a IG Live on Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific Time and started the #wednesdayscrollalong I have a huge collection of vintage textiles and started on this hand sewing journey

Bird houses and bird are my artwork on Spoonflower

The vintage wooden spool that I bought on Etsy

Coming together? Using mostly Perle cotton size 8

Hand sewing is so relaxing. Iron and hexagons are my own artwork on fabric

I learned the lazy Daisy stitch to make the spiral loops! So fun!

Fun to use the flower buttons! 

The scroll so far! 

This might be the last panel for this scroll. It is slowly getting sewn

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Houses and Quilt Patterns

I got this idea of using traditional quilt designs with my whimsical houses. Painted in a 6x6 watercolor book

Love these tulips

Design from my very first coloring book from 1996

Baltimore Album Quilt

I am sure I can use many of these for future house paintings

Here’s the cover of my first coloring book 1996. All hand drawn

Soon I will have a nice four some block. All of these could be made into quilts…later. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Moving Is Never Easy

After ten years in this dream space of 1,000 square feet, I am moving home to begin my next chapter 

I donated the bulk of my shelving to some friends who were starting a new business

Lots of sorting stuff which is never fun

I hired my handyman to come and take down all of the high up quilts and this bicycle 

Bulk fabric in Rubbermaid bins which I had to order on line because they didn’t have them at Home Depot or Target

It is slowly shrinking

My big design table rolled out the back door and across the parking lot to my neighbor Erickson Surfaces

Taking some time to rest and relax on my most favorite couch

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

What I’ve Been Up To

I started the 100 Day Project with vessels

Then abandoned it when the invasion of Ukraine took place

On a whim, Libby Williamson and I drove to Phoenix to go to QuiltCon for one day!

It wa great fun to surprise friends!

Clean up on Aisle 5. Purging more stuff

An old painting that inspires me everyday!

Self portrait. Painter, quilter and gardener

New Succulent garden!

The big pink flower village! 

Present day me. My grands call wrinkles folds and I call them wise folds! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy You in 22 on Instagram

Happy New Year! 2022 and we’re still wearing masks!

Things that I am thinking about for the new year!

This is an Instagram positivity challenge organized by Tracy Verdugo, Lori Siebert and Kenzie Elston. I love that they gave us 2 days to produce something!

1-2 Joyful and Ecstatic and one of my happy places…the garden. Slaying weeds!

3-4 Peaceful and Calm…reading and a Chai Latte

5-6 Energized and Excited - created a Sweet Pea garden with month and a half seedlings!

7-8 Authentic and Genuine- in my drawing studio at home

9-10 Adventurous and Brave - Do Something Scary Every Day! Take risks! Be brave!

11-12 Intuitive and Flowing - that’s my imagination! Stay tuned for the next group. 

Thinking about doing the 100 Day Project again this year and pondering themes. 
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