Monday, October 07, 2019

Airstream Dreaming...again

My actual first brainstorming sketch of some of my iconic images that I use in my work. This became the inspiration for my first fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics ‘Home is Where Your Story Begins.’ This begins my obsession with trailers.

The year that my red trailer (Airstream Dreaming) that landed on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine (2013), for which I am still thrilled about 

Sweet pillow

A page from one of my coloring books

More fun stuff with trailers

 Now to where I am now. Starting a new watercolor painting series ‘The Trailer Series.’ Here we go! 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Oh no, not again!

Just leaving for the airport to visit our kids and the grands, my hip dislocated and I fell hard onto the carpet at my husband’s office. It knocked the shoe off my left foot. My Apple Watched dinged and told me that I took a hard fall, and then asked if I was okay. It even gave me a 911 button to push if I needed it. Amazing technology 

Another ambulance ride, only this time to Hoag in Irvine. Do you like the stripe sock with my pink Birkenstock’s? I can’t figure out why no one put my shoe back on?

That’s me in the mirror. I thought it was rather cool. Why, oh why do emergency room workers want to cut your clothes off? I didn’t let that happen. Oh my.

A picture after pain meds. Oh so fun! That oxygen mask is such a fashion statement. Just fix the issue already. Dr. Doozie was there to explain to me what I was not going to be doing this next week. Nothing stupid. So, would that mean - digging holes in the backyard or re-doing my garden, or climbing a ladder? He was not amused. Lucky, for me, my hip doctor is a tad more positive than Dr. Doogie. I could resume driving and whatever else. No heavy lifting and to just be careful. I can live with that.

Technology. That blue box on my wrist keeps track of me in the hospital. My Apple Watch and the finger thang. I was well taken care of in the emergency room by a score of men in all beautifully colorful scrubs, each one with their own meaning: helpers, nurse, specialist, surgeon. They were able to put my hip back into place with drugs and I don’t remember a thing, thankfully. Home in 4 hours. I found out that I am pretty talkative on drugs. Who knew? My husband thought it was hilarious. He has made dinner every night since I got home. He put together a walker with a seat for me to get around the house and wherever I need to go, so I can feel safe. Onward and upward to the next chapter. Now, back to drawing and painting. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Drawing, Painting and Spoonflower

I am happy to announce that I have a Spoonflower shop. link to shop

I love drawing and painting and this is a way to share what I design. Grids with blogs, ovals, circles, squares, diamonds and fun patterns and bright colors. So happy! 

The Grid Series was a terrific way to explore drawing on a grid, in so many ways

I particularly like this one with all of my favorite motifs 

People loved this design when I posted it on social media. I love dogs, well at least my version. Patchwork dogs and dogs wearing hats! Oh what fun! 

Patchwork birds framed in whimsical ovals for an added bonus. They are all so colorful. I took up bird watching after our beloved dog crossed over the rainbow bridge almost two years ago. These are some of my favorites, with some extras thrown into the mix.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hopscotch Too!

Hopscotch Too! By RJR Fabrics and designed by me, ships to stores in October 2019

My artist neighbor in the industrial park makes these amazing hand painted board for the food display industry. I thought that my fabrics would really pop on this one! Erickson Surfaces dot com

Look how beautifully complex this surface is? It makes the other colors really pop!

I think this is the perfect display board for my artwork in fabric and paper!

Here is the page from the RJR launch catalog

This is Hopscotch one, which has 84 colors, then add in a dozen more, and you’ve got a grand 96 color blender line that will always be available. 13 hand drawn designs and 96 colors. My favorite color is rainbow! I am so excited about this line! Hop, skip and jump over to your local quilting store or online resource! It’s time to play!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Drawing and Painting

People often ask me about my favorite supplies. Pan watercolor kits are very popular, because they are easy to use and not too messy. All of the colors you need. I spray water on them before I paint to get them rolling.

These are made by Angora and they come in a couple of different sizes. These are more pricey than Prang, but the quality is better. Like in better coverage.

Here is a large size and a small size of Angora pan paint

Prang is super affordable and the set I use when I teach drawing and painting.

Here is what it looks like inside

This is a travel kit, that I haven’t used yet. It comes with a water brush.

Here is the inside of the Koi watercolor box. A lot of colors!

This is the water pen, so you can paint anywhere

Of course, the best watercolors are the ones that come out of a tube, and way more expensive! But, they last for the long haul. 

My paint brushes, pencils, eraser and drawing pen of choice. Sharpie Ultra Fine point. Kohinor hexagon eraser that I bought on Etsy. My brushes are pretty much all of the same size. I like camel hair because I have more control over the line, as opposed to a white brush. I do like the water brushes and they come in a variety of sizes. Always being a thin towel or a paper towel for dotting your brush

Here is my painting set up at home. This is my comfort zone to paint with everything around me. My round plastic paint palettes for tube paint. Happy painting to you!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Having a Great Time, Wish you Were Here

We just got back from our vacation and we had a spectacular time in Seattle and Bainbridge Island visiting beloved friends. Flowers from the flower stands at Pike’s Place Market

The beautifully decorated windows of Anthropologie in downtown Seattle

My current hand sewing project

Downtown Bainbridge Island has the most beautiful flowers everywhere. These were some of my favs

From a friend’s garden


Pizza and you can cut your own slices with this pair of scissors

The gangs all here!

A really fun decorating idea to use patterned flip flops as bunting 

Duffy boat cruise 

Delicious food and wine

Plenty of good stories to go around

Coffee from the Blackbird Bakery

Revisited this wall quilt that I made in 2005. The Klimt Woman

Cool tree wallpaper at The Edgewater Hotel

Love this so much. At a friends house