Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Home Sick and all is well

Last day of our trip to San Francisco

Went grocery shopping, and have a severe sore throat, which is never a good sign

Got a nasty virus

And a little watercolor of a pink and blue trailer. This paint book is the same size as my sketchbook 

Binge watched Messiah. I would highly recommend it

My body actually aches from coughing

Steve stayed home from work today because he caught the bug

In week two of the virus, I am taking it easy because I heard you can have a relapse pretty easily. Thankfully, I have no deadlines, so I am home. The garden is blooming

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

It’s January!

My word for 2020 is BEGIN

A big milestone for me is to fly to San Francisco to visit our kids and grands

So good to see our grands again!

Spent a day with our daughter and it was the most fabulous day! 

Pizza night at Ragazza in San Francisco

Big goal to walk down a hill and back up the hill. Yay!

It was great to be able to walk to downtown Noe Valley

I got last of exercise walking up and down stairs 

Made it Alamo Square to see our daughter and get some delicious coffee. What a gorgeous view!

Lady Falcon Coffee and we saw Hamilton that night! It was so amazing!

Breakfast on the last day at AHA FRESH. Bananas Foster French toast

Me on the plane heading home with a glass of champagne! Cheers to you!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

The early morning phone call was about my remarkable mother in law who passed away early in the morning. She lived a tremendous life. She was 4 months shy of her 103rd birthday. A life well lived. Things kinda stopped for me in the drawing of this book for a few days. It was expected that she dying, but the news came a little quicker than we realized. 

Happy New Year! Thanks for following my blog and for your kind comments. Onward and upward we go!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hit the Two Month Mark

Things are looking up in the healing process

It’s nice to be able to drive

Walking is very important to me and I miss not being able to walk more and I know the time will come

My husband has been amazing cooking dinner every night

Yep, gained 5 pounds during this process. Yay for Haagen Das Ice Cream bars

8 times a charm. But, it’s still hard to learn how to walk again 

Dinner date with my honey

Friends and family make the world go round

Had to share this sweet trailer clock that my SIL gave to me for my birthday 

Went back to my personal trainer to strengthen my leg

I was bored, and now I am not. Got a good book to read

My once a week coffee stop in Old Towne Orange. Portola Coffee

Saturday, December 07, 2019

A Quilt and Visual Journal

I made this bright and fun wall quilt before I had surgery. Super Bloom 37Hx22.5W 

It is completely fused with Mistyfuse using many of my blue scraps for the background

I entered it into a show where is was rejected, but that’s okay, it can be entered into another show

And continuing on with my daily drawings of my healing journey

I was over the top happy to be able to visit my studio this week and get a couple of things done. It’s been almost two months since I was here. It will need a really good dusting when I get back to my normal. It made my heart happy to be here and sit on my couch!