Saturday, December 07, 2019

A Quilt and Visual Journal

I made this bright and fun wall quilt before I had surgery. Super Bloom 37Hx22.5W 

It is completely fused with Mistyfuse using many of my blue scraps for the background

I entered it into a show where is was rejected, but that’s okay, it can be entered into another show

And continuing on with my daily drawings of my healing journey

I was over the top happy to be able to visit my studio this week and get a couple of things done. It’s been almost two months since I was here. It will need a really good dusting when I get back to my normal. It made my heart happy to be here and sit on my couch!

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Six Weeks out and Almost Seven

Pictures from my lap, since I spend a lot of time sitting down with my feet up!

Making small strides here and there

Daughter home for Thanksgiving gave me much joy 

Went to the movies and out to dinner!

And feeling the results from my fun day yesterday!

These are the sketchbooks that I am using for my journey. Moleskine Storybook 

Feeling a little defeated, but it’s going to be a new day tomorrow!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Pages from my Sketchbook

Branching out with some other artwork now that I am stronger 

My ride is a walker, until I move to a cane 

Things are moving along, now that I am 5 weeks out

Some fun drawings of some of my favorite things in the Broadway room and the family room

I went to visit my studio and the clouds were so beautiful. The calm before the storm


Goo news at the doctors office. I can put weight on my foot!

Now, I am walking with my walker to get my stamina back!

It’s those small things, that are really big things! 

A collaboration between my friend Barbara Wyman, who was like a second mother to me. At her memorial service, there was a list of the words she lived by, and this one about listening always stuck with me

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Four Weeks Out from Surgery

Recovery is going well. Sometimes frustrating, but most times pretty positive

A doodle in my pattern book

Failure to get me and my walker into the back yard

And today, I got outside! 

Today was a good day!

Field trip to my studio

Field trip to my friend Libby’s studio for some art fun with her and Jill Berry!

Having workmen in my house while I am in a wheelchair was rather scary, but my husband kept calling to make sure everything was alright

One month since hip revision surgery and still can’t put much weight on my left foot. Still using a wheelchair and my walker, but getting stronger everyday. Hopefully, all of this confinement will strengthen my hip and heal the way the doctor hopes it will. I want to go swimming. Alas, wait g for my incision to heal so that I can!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

More from my Sketchbook

Continuing on with my recovery journey and drawing in my sketchbook 

I decided to take a walk on the positive side of healing to get me through some hard days

Just looking on the bright side of life

My first shower has heavenly!

McDonalds makes the best oatmeal raisin cookies. Who knew?

I learned to use my crutches today, but won’t be using them until I can put more weight on my left foot

It’s better to ask someone how they are, instead of hope you are doing better. Better to know the answer from the person, than to assume to know, unless you don’t really want to know 

My first outing to see my doctor and happy to have gradual weight bearing. Home on Halloween for the first time since 2002. Missed Quilt Market and Quilt Festival this year

It’s good to have friends who bring you coffee, lunch and a hearty conversation! Laughter is good. 

Had my first pain lapse, so now I know what my limitations are

My husband is my hero: from his cheerful good mornings, to making me breakfast and coffee, and taking excellent care of me, I am one lucky girl

Went on an outing to have dinner with family. It was so great to hang out with family. 2 hours and I was bushed. So, onward and upward to healing and getting stronger!