Monday, September 13, 2021

Self Care and More

My hip started hurting at the wedding and just got worse everyday we were on vacation and when we got home 

Went to my non surgical orthopedic doctor who referred me to my orthopedic surgeon. Began self care immediately so whatever was going on could heal

In the meantime, I started a series of small paintings on rolling papers. Very thin tissue for rolling joints. It is very thin and tricky to work with. I love a good challenge

I had to STOP what I did on a regular basis and rest. Self care is really important for your body, mind and spirit 

Carrots. Drawn with a Pitt Pen and very carefully painted with watercolors 

My mantra is to keep moving. I draw out my life on paper and color it in with paint


Easy peasy. Appt with my orthopedic doctor in early September 

The Plumeria bloomed on one plant

Posted on IG after a week of self care. 

Another rolling paper piece of art

Me in the garden. I strained my Hip Flexor Muscle swimming freestyle and the constant kicking lap by lap is what did it. I usually do the breast stroke and the elementary backstroke. No more freestyle for me. So painful. I am much better now. But, No surgery needed which was so happy to hear! Onward we go! Back to walking! 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Love is in the Air

Last week 80 vaccinated people attended the love and joy filled wedding of Pokey & Patrick in Napa. I’ve known Pokey since 2003. She founded Quilting Arts magazine and later Cloth Paper Scissors, which I have had the honor to have my work published in both and be a guest on Quilting Arts TV. She is the founder of Craft Napa, a mixed media retreat in Napa that I taught at for 4 years. We ALL surrounded her with our love! 

Leslie Tucker Jenison and I went to our favorite coffee place in the Oxbow Market to have a reunion of our own. It had been two years since we had seen one another. 

The crew who helped get the wedding area ready for the wedding by hanging quilts in the tennis court and the flags on a hedge near the dinner area. Oh the utter joy of reuniting with vaccinated friends! 

Leslie Tucker Jenison, Carrie Bloomston and I organized a ‘secret project’ of love flags from quilters who were attending the wedding and some Craft Napa teachers. Our goal was to surround her with our love. Pokey was definitely surprised. 

Tied with love. 

Their vows were humorous, serious and full of love. Carrie really set the tone as we all closed our eyes and had a private meditation before it began. White parasols for guests to block the sun out. It was one of the most memorable weddings I have ever attended. I am still smiling about it

Cocktails and passed plates of deliciousness in the redwood grove. Leslie, Carol Soderlund and me

Libby Williamson and me

The dinner area and you can see the flags hanging on the hedge

My spiral quilt went to the party!

Brunch at Grace’s Table in Napa. They make the best pancakes! 

Flower boat made especially for P&P

The quilters! What an incredibly joyful day! 

Leslie, me and Libby the day after! So much joy to go around!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

This and That

New beautiful glass bird bath that is nestled in the garden 

Passion flower - has to one of my favorites - oh the beauty!

New bloom. Zinnia. Now it has buds that are getting ready to bloom

Still swimming daily and when I get tired, I can lounge in this mermaid ring. The pool is about 88 degrees and warmed by the sun

I gathered some of my small animal collection to draw and paint about valuing differences

A painted shelf that hold some of my prized collections, including small animals

And my watercolor painting about valuing differences. I was born into a family that found no value in my differences and that was extremely disappointing and left me wondering about who I was. I have overcome that thankfully to live out my hopes and dreams in my own way. How important to value our differences. If we were all the same, life would be boring. 

Roma Tomatoes!

We have a mourning dove who has made a nest on the patio roof and I believe has two babies under her wings. This was the first one and a day later, another. They will be in the nest for about 10 days and father dove will be feeding the mom

Be the light in the darkness. Be the love you seek. Be the change in the world. Be the peace you seek

Family history and 8mm movies. It took 3 months to get these back from Legacy digital in Orange. All on a thumb drive. I am viewing each one and making notes. My parents were very bad at labeling these. My grandparents added some labels, but were equally bad at keeping a good record on the boxes and reels. I have hours and hours of files to watch and what a trip down memory lane. No sound. But I can use my imagination!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Happy in the Garden

One Plumeria plant is blooming and I am patiently waiting for the rest to bloom

Passion Flower vine minus the fruit. I am happy with this prolific vine and that it doesn’t bear fruit. Just another thing that the rats and squirrels like to eat

A favorite of hummingbirds, bees and butterflies 

Sunflower! Can’t wait for this to bloom

These were planted from bulbs and there are several of these in the garden!

Another bulb bloom. So happy in the garden

Just after we get done with the purple blooms in the backyard with Wisteria over the patio roof, then the Jacarandas bloom in the front yard. These blooms are so amazing! Just don’t park your car under it. Bees are totally into these bloom on the trees and on the driveway

We have a bunch a these that have been blooming nonstop since the beginning of the stay at home order in 2020

The meadow look which has taken over a year to create. I have many weeds to pull in this garden and ever so slowly I am getting it done with lots of sunscreen, a hat and a kneeling bench! 

This is a list of the books I’ve read mid-June to now. Such a fun ride so far. Could I retire? Would I be happy working in the garden, swimming and reading? Things I am thinking about. My grandma retired at 65 to sew, garden, swim and read. 

Spending time on my studio in the mornings because it’s just too hot in the afternoons. I did get a lot done today! 

The pool is calling me!

Back garden with a fence around it because we have had some dog guests

This is Stryker. He belongs to my friend Libby Williamson. He loved swimming in the pool while we chatted! Happy Summer!