Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Garden Re-Work before the rain

Garden clean up - mostly ferns that were so overgrown and taking over every spot in the garden

Empty pots I found buried in the garden

A super heavy pot that I literally rolled to the other end of the yard. It holds my oldest Plumeria

A completely overgrown area with Nasturtiums 

Got that big pot over here in its new location

New pots with bulbs and seeds and I sprinkled some seeds on the ground as well with potting soil

The new look for the curated garden

Found this beautiful Aloe Vera plant underneath the Nasturtiums 

This African Daisy was smooshed and moved to an area it can thrive

The calm before the storm. Such a gorgeous sky!

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Paper Weaving

I have sheets and sheets of painted cardstock that I’ve cut into strips 

And then throwing caution to the wind, I am weaving the paper. See the tape at the bottom of this photo - it helps to secure the weaving

Then I thought about all of dabbing pieces of paper towels that I have saved over the years and asked myself ‘why not?’

This is pretty fun!

Great color combos

Here’s a heart that I cut out of cardboard from my Birch Coffee order. They make delicious coffee and every time I would go to NYC, this would be my first stop. 

Here is the end goal…to make heart cards for love day

Imagine all of the possibilities with white and with solid colors

I might need an L-shaped desk. My treadmill is getting its own workout with boxes on top of it. Oh, and I can’t wait to get rid of this carpet. Maybe I should just start cutting it out little by little? 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Patterns and Doodles

I have a couple of handmade books that have doodles and patterns in them, but needed a purse size version

This is the brand of book I bought. The pages are silky and my pen glides when I draw!

I used books like these when I was a fabric designer to give me ideas

Love this one!

Grids and other fun stuff

Circles and flowers

More to come! Thanks for visiting me!

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Looking back at 2023

It has been an interesting year discovering what I want to do in my retirement. I look back at my Grandma Alice who retired when she was 65. She wanted to read, sew, swim, garden and entertain. Kinda along the same lines as me, except for the part where I draw and paint. My Life on a Cup series has seen 102 watercolor paintings including the one above. I celebrated my 70th birthday! 

The ongoing journey of this room that has become my main studio. A far cry from my 1,000 sf studio that was in an industrial park. I donated most of my furniture and supplies to Lucky Deluxe Fabrics in Orange. They are a thrift store for quilters, knitters and sewing in general. 

I love working in our gardens. This is a pink Hollyhock. So gorgeous!

Our daughter Jen got married this year and it was a love fest. Family and friends gathered to celebrate these two lovely humans. So happy!

My life on a Cup entry about the wedding!

Bravery. Yep, I wore this fun outfit in San Francisco. Nice and warm and comfy.

This was my list for 2023. I don’t do resolutions. The only thing not on this list was getting Covid for the first time in August and I never want it again. So darn sick. Got the latest booster, RSV and the flu shot. Happy New Year! 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

My Life on a Cup series

First nine and just trying to figure out what I am doing. From minimal to the max

Second nine and I am really getting the hang of it now 

Third nine and our daughter got married to a wonderful human 

Fourth nine and winding down

My last one in the series. I need a new project. These fit into one watercolor notebook!
Onward and upward

Saturday, March 11, 2023

My Life on a Cup Series

I started a new series of watercolor paintings. My Life on a Cup. The watercolor paper is 6x6 inches 

I used to call reading a book in one day as a guilty pleasure, and now it’s just a pleasure

New sewing thrift store in Orange, CA. Two women saw a need and now they have a storefront.

It’s fun to draw coffee cups - all colors shapes and sizes

Drawing a painting book for our grands to celebrate being 5. This is my typical doodle background

Love the background on this one. There is no going back. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day! 

This was a little labor intensive to paint, but I love the results

Next rain storm. It rained for over 12 hours. 

Friday, March 03, 2023

The Wednesday Scroll Along

Two friends - Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michele Muska have a IG Live on Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific Time and started the #wednesdayscrollalong I have a huge collection of vintage textiles and started on this hand sewing journey

Bird houses and bird are my artwork on Spoonflower

The vintage wooden spool that I bought on Etsy

Coming together? Using mostly Perle cotton size 8

Hand sewing is so relaxing. Iron and hexagons are my own artwork on fabric

I learned the lazy Daisy stitch to make the spiral loops! So fun!

Fun to use the flower buttons! 

The scroll so far! 

This might be the last panel for this scroll. It is slowly getting sewn