Friday, August 16, 2019

Hand Embroidery

There is nothing like a good hand sewing/embroidery project. I pre-fused all of the fabrics with Mistyfuse. Some are Liberty of London fabrics, and some are vintage linens. I sewed everything down with a simple stitch on my sewing machine. The tendrils will be the guide to embroidering the entire piece. My design with Global Artisans is in the middle

Just the start using the beautiful embroidery threads from Global Artisans 

And more

And more. This was so relaxing 

My original design. I like to show what you can do with embroidery designs to enhance them

The finished piece, which will become a wall hanging

Detail shots of my running stitches

I fused the entire back of this, and then fused it to wool blended felt and sewed down the edges

I am so happy with the way this turned out. And it made waiting for appointments in the last couple of weeks more enjoyable! Happy sewing!

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Hand Quilting Project prep

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and painting lately, and this one with the purple sewing machine has been photographed and now I am waiting to see how the colors turned out on Spoonflower. I may go into the panel selling business with my houses and other things. 

This one of my embroidery designs that is available on Global Artisans dot shop . I surrounded it with pedals of vintage linens and Liberty of London prints. All of the fabrics were fused with Mistyfuse ahead of time. I need some hand sewing projects for the inbetween times of my life.

This is another potential hand sewing project in progress 

This one is ready for embroidery thread!

And this one is ready too. The lime green backing is wool blended felt

The house with the quilty border is from my watercolor notebook and printed on Spoonflower. I added fabrics from Hopscotch by RJR. All fabrics were prefused. Also mounted onto wool blended felt. Onward and upward.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Quilty Town

You know what? It’s fun to make something that doesn’t have a deadline. Something just for fun. I am making a quilty town of all of my favorite shops, with quirky names too.

I think that the garden store will actually be called ‘grow up.’ I pre fuse all of my fabric wth Mistyfuse, a fusible web that doesn’t change the hand of the cloth. Easy to sew through by machine and hand sewing!

These are made from my blender line Hopscotch by RJR Fabrics with 11 hand drawn designs and 84 colors. This a line that will be made over and over again, so in other words they are not going to stop making it. Frocks needs some frocks on the upstairs portion and maybe need to switch out that yellow awning, so that the windows stand out more.

I asked by Facebook peeps for ideas on crazy names. Relics for the antique store. Lettering and quilt motifs cut on a Sizzix machine. I have arthritis in my hands, so this machine saves me.

My little town is growing. And more to add. Need an art store, bakery, and perhaps a quirky bar?

And happy to tell you that this group of gorgeous color is being added to Hopscotch! Two new hand drawn designs - Cathedral Windows and Flower Power in four new colors each. 2 previous designs Square Dance and Deconstructed Dandelions each with two new colors that complete these collections! I am super thrilled to finally see them in actual fabric. It ships to stores in October! Introducing Hopscotch too! 

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Some Fun Block Printing

I have a variety of leaves and flowers that I hand carved. Some people cut off the background wanting a clean line, but I love the lines in the background giving it a more creative look

I started with the lower hem using a mix of fabric paint and acrylic paint

Yep, there is a cup and saucer in there

The front of the linen dress hung on a chain length fence by the train tracks by my studio

I decided to do the back differently than the front 

Here are my carved pieces. I absolutely love block printing 

I carved some new leaves and cut off the background to see how it would look. Onward and upward to the next project

Monday, July 01, 2019

The Scissor House

I have designed some whimsical houses for Global Artisans for their embroidery kits. This is one of my stitched samples using their perle cotton size 8 thread in five colors. I decided that I wanted to show people what else you could do with these designs when you are done doing the embroidery. This is the back and it has been fused with Mistyfuse.

Here is the front and fused to white wool blended felt. I don’t use batting for my wall quilts. 

This is a Goddess Sheet that Mistyfuse makes. I have a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet on my design table. Covering the top, so if there is any residue on my iron, it won’t transfer to that lily white fabric.

From my design, I am making a pattern of the house, because I plan to fill it in with fabric

Here’s the house with the fabric from my Hopscotch line with RJR Fabrics

Next up are the scissors, which are Havel’s scissors with the pink handles that match my hair!

The blades 

Carefully placing the fabric inside the embroidery. I don’t want to cover up the stitching 

Getting there

House and scissors are done and I am so pleased at the way it turned out. My vision realized. Now I am randomly adding strips and squares of fabrics, all from Hopscotch. This line has 84 colors and 11 different designs and is an ongoing line for RJR as their blender line. 

I flipped my project over to cut from the back and use the felt edge as my guide to cut off the overlapping edges

I have some extra hexagons, thinking that this would be a good design element. However, my eye went to them, instead of the center focus, so they were removed. I always take photos of my work with my phone to see the colors, design and balance before going further.

I am happy with this composition, and now it’s ready for some hand embroidery! The perfect weekend project

These are the embroidery thread colors for The Scissor House kit, so I used them on the quilting 

16x16 wall quilt that is finished! Woot! Some machine quilting with the straight and zig zag stitches and you can see the added embroidery! Happy dance! Global Artisans Embroidery Kit, Mistyfuse, National Nonwovens wool blended felt, Hopscotch by RJR Fabrics and Havel’s scissors! The Scissor House! 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Road Trip

I could have posted a pic of the traffic through LA, but wine sounded better. Our trip was for a client of Steve’s who lives in Los Osos. My idea was to break up the trip a bit, so I could see my cousins that I haven’t seen since my mom passed away over 7 years ago. My born into family went to Santa Maria for Thanksgiving a few years in a row when I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s.  I learned a lot about wine through my cousin Lon who had a farm in Santa Maria and has since moved to downsize, grows grapes for the wine industry and started off our short visit with this delicious wine. 

We started our tour and history day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Santa Maria. The most delicious pancakes with crispy edges.

My cousin took us on a history tour of Santa Maria and nearby Orcutt. It was about 90 degrees outside

Fess Parker’s Winery is so gorgeous. I tasted some great red wines and a port. Bought Fess Parker Rodney’s Vineyard Syrah 2016, The Big Easy and Traditional Port Style Red Wine

My cousins gathered for lunch and it was such fun! 

Los Osos. Warm the first day, and freezing the next. Love this view

One thing I love about where we stayed was their beautiful gardens that the owner planned out carefully.

We had a lovely time with family and friends on this trip. Now back to reality. 

Steve bought Theo Derbyshire a coon hat at Fess Parker’s winery. The hat makes the bear. You can follow him on Instagram @theoderpyshire