My Dream Studio Space as of August 4, 2012.  1650 N. Glassell, Suite V, Orange.  This is not my mailing address, in fact I can't receive mail at this location at all, no slot or box.  My mailing address is:  960 N. Tustin Street, #253, Orange, CA 92867.  Welcome to my happy place!  What can we create today?

Industrial space - one large room and a restroom.  Off the beaten path.  I feel like I am at home here.  Other artists are my neighbors, which is great!

Photos of my studio from February 2015 - A Work in Progress

The sitting area and inspiration wall

A view from the design table to the stash wall

Front of studio, and still have some things to move

Other side - front of studio, with a large design wall, and 2 work tables

Sewing area with my Bernina 750QE

Fabric shelves for bolts, and other supplies

The back room, with a truck door.  This is my painting area, and it needs a major overhaul

From the design table looking towards the front door