Friday, May 31, 2024

Life’s Little Realities

Last three books I’ve read and look all of the covers are the same color scheme, and the authors live in different countries.

Growing Sweet Peas from seed has created a huge crop of flowers this year, except zero pink or red, which is so weird. Then this beauty sprouted. So gorgeous!

Gotta love Alaska Airlines. Leaving on a trip to honor the life of a dear friend. Why not have a bright spot on a flight? 

For my dear friend, Sue. How I remember where we sat last time I visited. We had coffee and cookies and talked about life, love, family, our friendship and her cancer. I never thought it would be our last. I will miss you my dear friend with every fiber of my being. We laughed, we cried, we drank a lot of coffee, we went to Esther’s for buttons and fabric. Hand sewing, painting, upholstery, our children, books, gardening, and more laughter. Joy and sorrow. We wrote letters to each other. We talked about cooking. 

Another three books I’ve read

Hollyhock and bring pink!

Home is where your story begins. You can write your own story. Typewriter wall quilt. I have a great love for typewriters and memorialized this one in fabric and thread. 

I will love you forever dear friend. Look at us with our white hair. 37 years of friendship. I will miss you forever. Being here on Bainbridge has been difficult to say the least. Our trips to Winslow to buy our favorite candy, Esther’s, the Blackbird, ice cream, coffee, laughter and crazy fun. You will live on in your kids and grands and in my heart. 

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