Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Bainbridge Island in May

We flew to my happy place on Bainbridge Island to honor the life of our dear friend, Sue. It was very emotional to say the least. Dear friends and family surrounding one another in love. Gone too soon. I am glad we had one another to lean on to share our grief with. It was hard. 

We had beautiful weather until Sunday when it rained all day. Two words Cottonwood Trees. They were shedding their cotton into the air. The streets looked like snow drifts and the air was filled with tiny snowflakes of cotton. Female trees shed cotton, but male trees shed dangerous pollen. I definitely had a bad reaction to this pollen. I am still recovering and taking it easy. 

Vineyard Lane is where we stayed. The development is so peaceful. Paths for walking, a bridge, water, birds and green! 

My friend Sue took me to Esther’s in 1986 to look at fabric and buy antique buttons! So many great memories here, as we shared the love of sewing. She had a line of children’s clothes. I still have the jacket she made for our daughter when she was young. Then she became an upholsterer. Needle and thread. We both enjoyed embroidery too. 

Eagle Harbor Book Co is always a stop for us. We took our kids here. We all love to read

This bakery finally got a brick and mortar location in Winslow. We enjoyed ham and egg croissant sandwiches for breakfast and a big latte, which was so delicious! 

Daily walks through this calming paradise

Some flowers from the Celebration of Life. Every arrangement was absolutely gorgeous. Sue loved to grow flowers and veggies. We were all given envelopes of Zinnia seeds, her favorite flower!

A beautiful quilt in the church. There was a matching on on the other side

One of Sue’s stitching projects on the window

This artwork is on the wall in her kitchen. She loved it. She also lived by this code to hold others up. So, hold others up. Do what you love. Hug people you love. Send a letter or a card to tell someone how you feel about them. Sing a song. Have joy! Love and be loved. Make a difference that you lived

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