Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doodle Fun

This is an altered book, where I glued groups of pages together with matte medium.  Then I took some other groups of pages and cut them out of the book altogether.  I had no real plan for this book.  But at night, it has been really relaxing to just doodle with a black Sharpie.

Leaves and Flowers

Buttons, Needle, Thread and Cups and Saucers


  1. fun stuff! As I studied your leaves and flowers page, it occurred to me how we can all doodle flowers and leaves, but each one of us does them differently. cool. very cool. off to doodle a page of flowers and leaves!

  2. Great fun and inspirational when it is hard to sit down and do artsy things when it is so busy. Just to make sure you don't pick the wrong book to extract some pages!!

  3. What a great idea this is. I am planning on sketching along but haven't found a sketchbook that works for me. Bye...I'm heading for the used book store!


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