Friday, January 27, 2012

Juliette Low and Girl Scouts!

A Girl Scout sister of mine asked me to design a logo for an upcoming event to celebrate 25 years of Song Share.   Juliette Low is the founder of Girl Scouts.  Celebrating 100 Years! She has been the subject of many of my art quilts and custom artwork for Girl Scouts Orange County, California council.
History - This group started with a few Camp Scherman Staff who love to sing. There are about 100 members of Song Share, mainly Alumnae who are all members of the "old" Southern California Ten Councils.  They meet once a year and rotate who will host the event, either the last weekend in January or the first weekend in February. It is GS of LA, OC, San Diego, Joshua Tree, Long Beach-----and more.

Small art quilt made in 2006 - for an auction

Logo for Annual Giving Campaign in 2003

Logo for Urban Adventure 2003; she is a lifesize cut-out, mounted on thin board, and painted with watercolors
Logo for Urban Adventure in 2006, and I designed all of the 'adult' themed badges.
Green is in My Nature -partial view - image was made into an ecco-bag by ABC Bakers
Part of the cookie incentive program for 2010
Juliettes -life size girls for the 10 Southern California councils trainers conference in 2004
Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts!


  1. I have one of the 'green' Girl Scout bags!!! How cool is that? They are on your site and you designed them. a friends daughter is a girl scout. I love that bag. It's home for my modern Farmers Wife project.

  2. I have 3 bags, and they live in my car for groceries, work, other shopping, just because... I LOVE'EM!

  3. Hi Jamie!
    Delighted to meet you~
    Cheers from Bainbridge Island!
    These logos are adorable!
    Love your design style.
    Hugs from Bainbridge Island!
    Thanks for popping by Blooming on Bainbridge!


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