Friday, April 13, 2018

Organic Zen Wall Quilt

When I received my stencils in the mail, I already knew what I wanted to create. A hexagon wall quilt using the designs straight on. I admit that it was just a little time consuming, but totally worth it!

I used RJR fabrics cotton Supremes for this project, they come in a huge range of colors. I fused each color with Mistyfuse. Lay the lightweight fusible onhe wrong side of the fabric. Make sure than none of it is over the edges. Make sure it’s totally flat.

Then using a piece of parchment paper or a Mistyfuse Goddess sheet. I love the Goddess sheets because they get the best fuse. The Fat one covers a fat quarter. Glide you iron over the surface in a circular motion making sure that you capture the sides. Let it cool and then pull up one corner. If it has strings, pull it back down and press again. 

This is what it should look like if it is cooked. I trim the areas that don’t have the Mistyfuse and then I lay them on my couch or a table for them to dry. I really like the 12” bolt of Mistyfuse

I cut RJR Supreme solids into 6” squares after they were fused and started stenciling them on each piece of fabric one by one and changing the paint color in some cases so that they would pop. This was the time consuming portion of the project. I used all of my new stencil designs for this project. 

After they were dry, I cut them into hexagons on my Sizzix Big Shot.they really look great! At this point I a, hoping that I got a good mix of colors for my project.

I decided that I needed more green, so I used the 9x12 stencils Zen Landscape and Zen Leafy to create a border for my wall quilt. I loved how these turned out 

I started by placing each hexagon on a Goddess Sheet and just overlapping them slightly, and also trying to make sure that each row was straight. Then I pressed them into each other with my iron. 

Next I fused the hexagons to a piece of black wool blended felt. Then I trimmed all sides using my rotary cutter and ruler. I backed the quilt with a piece of aqua wool blended felt. No batting or binding is my motto. Be a Rebel Quilter! Since I only make quilts for the wall, they will never be washed. 

Ready to free motion in an Organic flowy way using aqua thread by Isacord. 

I pressed this with my iron halfway through to keep it flat. I trimmed the aqua background to about 1/8the of an inch from the sides. See the first image of the Quilt.


  1. Beautiful piece and I love how you used them in the previous quilts, as well.


  2. Jamie, as always this is so much fun and I will be visiting the Stencil site and ordering some of the stencils - looks like a great project and fun for summer printing! Well done!


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