Saturday, August 31, 2019

Drawing and Painting

People often ask me about my favorite supplies. Pan watercolor kits are very popular, because they are easy to use and not too messy. All of the colors you need. I spray water on them before I paint to get them rolling.

These are made by Angora and they come in a couple of different sizes. These are more pricey than Prang, but the quality is better. Like in better coverage.

Here is a large size and a small size of Angora pan paint

Prang is super affordable and the set I use when I teach drawing and painting.

Here is what it looks like inside

This is a travel kit, that I haven’t used yet. It comes with a water brush.

Here is the inside of the Koi watercolor box. A lot of colors!

This is the water pen, so you can paint anywhere

Of course, the best watercolors are the ones that come out of a tube, and way more expensive! But, they last for the long haul. 

My paint brushes, pencils, eraser and drawing pen of choice. Sharpie Ultra Fine point. Kohinor hexagon eraser that I bought on Etsy. My brushes are pretty much all of the same size. I like camel hair because I have more control over the line, as opposed to a white brush. I do like the water brushes and they come in a variety of sizes. Always being a thin towel or a paper towel for dotting your brush

Here is my painting set up at home. This is my comfort zone to paint with everything around me. My round plastic paint palettes for tube paint. Happy painting to you!


  1. Jamie,
    Thank you, thank you for the two coloring/painting books. So generous of you. I love them both. Simply delighted!

  2. The Prang set give me mixed memories - at least I got a new paint set, but trying to use it put me off using water colors for years and years. Getting it to make colors that weren't so washed out was difficult for me. And the mess of colors I ended up with in the pans made me sad when I opened the box next time. I finally bought a small set of tube water colors, but haven't gotten the ambition up to use them. Yet. I love the happy colors in your works!


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