Friday, August 16, 2019

Hand Embroidery

There is nothing like a good hand sewing/embroidery project. I pre-fused all of the fabrics with Mistyfuse. Some are Liberty of London fabrics, and some are vintage linens. I sewed everything down with a simple stitch on my sewing machine. The tendrils will be the guide to embroidering the entire piece. My design with Global Artisans is in the middle

Just the start using the beautiful embroidery threads from Global Artisans 

And more

And more. This was so relaxing 

My original design. I like to show what you can do with embroidery designs to enhance them

The finished piece, which will become a wall hanging

Detail shots of my running stitches

I fused the entire back of this, and then fused it to wool blended felt and sewed down the edges

I am so happy with the way this turned out. And it made waiting for appointments in the last couple of weeks more enjoyable! Happy sewing!

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