Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Home Studio

For years this was my drawing desk at home. A lap desk. My paper and pens stored on an Ikea cart. Easy and portable

Then came the stay at home order. I made a small place for myself in one of our spare bedrooms. I brought this table from my studio. It’s a full circle moment. I bought this table over 25 years ago at Ikea to put my sewing machine on in my home studio. Now it’s back!

Supplies at my fingertips in a Logenberger divided basket

I like to spread out when I work with my supplies around me, like paint! 

These are my favorite supplies for drawing and painting!

This week, I started drawing patchwork birds carrying stuff. A paint palette with dripping paint 

Yes, the Pandemic is still here. Wear a mask and let’s beat this thing!

And VOTE! Our right as Americans! Use your voice at the ballot box! 

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