Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Back to Drawing and Painting

Over 8 months staying safe at home. I decided to paint some happy illustrations to help myself stay positive and hope that it helps others during the time of Corona

I have several of these birds that carry different notes that I really enjoy making

Even though life throws it’s curve balls once in awhile, we can still find some good

Coffee...the nectar of the gods. I am a big fan of Lady Falcon Coffee Club. Based in San Francisco and is women run! 

No other words to say 

I love how the paper towel dabbing cloths look after painting sessions. Time to get some fresh towels out!

I don’t understand why people can’t wear a mask. 

I’ve been making hand painted cards on Strathmore watercolor cards. These give me joy!


  1. What timing...as I was reading "Think..." I was hearing about the dust-up in the Senate today when one senator asked the leader(?) to wear a mask, and Ted Cruz's disgusting tweet in response.

    And as I typed that, there was footage of senators fist-bumping Madam Vice-President Elect (carrying out her senatorial duties), and some congratulating her, maybe "off the record." After stories about poor losing. (CNN is on).

    Not winning well: the other day, I walked around the neighborhood, enjoying flashing L for loser at Trump signs still up.

  2. Love your comment. The Senator issuing the request for masks was Sherwood Brown from Ohio. We worked on his early campaigns many years ago. Now retired in another state but it gave me a warm moment. I love the L flash and may follow Rebecca’s lead. I also,love wearing my Biden/Harris sunflower shirt to help others remember we won.

  3. I love your paintings! I think the birds carrying notes would make an amazing greeting card set!!

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