Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Housing Remake

This was my the focus fabric for my very first fabric that I designed for Hoffman California Fabrics in 2013.
 Part actual fabric collage and part watercolor illustrations 

I found in my studio the background fabric collage and decided to repurpose it 

Thinking of adding some fabrics from my Hopscotch line that I designed for RJR in 2016

I’ve added some green elements from Hopscotch to mix the old with the new

And looking at more fabrics from this line. These are all fused with Mistyfuse.
This line has 96 colors and it’s considered a blender line. Hopscotch by RJR

Adding some funky houses with extra elements!

Based loosely on this design that I drew in my sketchbook

This has been fun so far! Still playing a bit. Since all of my fabrics are fused with Mistyfuse, it’s easy to remove fabric that I am not happy with.

I love how vibrant the colors are 

On my design wall to see how it really looks. I spy a zipper!

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  1. I love a project where it takes my eye all over to soak in the details! This is one that is so much fun with the colors, fabrics, shapes and it even takes on a story line! It looks like you are having some serious fun. :)


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