Friday, June 04, 2021

The Sketchbook Project

This is my first time working on one of these books and I am half way done. I have to ship the completed book in August to be scanned and catalogued at the Brooklyn Art Library in NYC

I decided to challenge myself by not using a pencil first, just go for it with a pen!

Houses are one of my most iconic images in my work, so I went with familiarity 

I love patterns and this was such a fun way to explore!

Funky houses and houses in my own city!

Have to have a donut house and a traditional house!

The sewing store and a neighborhood with a coffee house

The tea pot house with the cups! One of my favorites!

Okay, let’s use the entire page, because why not? 

This was indeed a challenge and it might not be done. It may need some tweaking. Stay tuned for the second half in July. And happy drawing!


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