Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Quilting Arts Holiday!

So delighted and honored to be included in this holiday issue!

And they used my wool pieces for this page! 

Here’s the actual pin cushion that I use in my home studio. Flower Power! Look for it in your favorite store! Woot!


  1. Awesome and well deserved. Congratulations, Jamie!

  2. Given our carefully picked selection of holiday-themed designs and methods, learn the craft of quilting with a festive twist and let your creativity run wild. Your go-to source for creating lovely memories and treasured gifts this holiday season is Quilting Arts Holiday. Join us as we incorporate the festive joy with each stitch! I'm sure a lot of readers will find it to be very helpful. I appreciate you spending the time to make such a detailed piece. Having read this, I've learned a lot.
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