Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Paper Weaving

I have sheets and sheets of painted cardstock that I’ve cut into strips 

And then throwing caution to the wind, I am weaving the paper. See the tape at the bottom of this photo - it helps to secure the weaving

Then I thought about all of dabbing pieces of paper towels that I have saved over the years and asked myself ‘why not?’

This is pretty fun!

Great color combos

Here’s a heart that I cut out of cardboard from my Birch Coffee order. They make delicious coffee and every time I would go to NYC, this would be my first stop. 

Here is the end goal…to make heart cards for love day

Imagine all of the possibilities with white and with solid colors

I might need an L-shaped desk. My treadmill is getting its own workout with boxes on top of it. Oh, and I can’t wait to get rid of this carpet. Maybe I should just start cutting it out little by little? 

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