Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Musical Chairs: A Painted Canvas Collaboration

Festival in Cincinnati - Here's the sign on the door outside our classroom...pretty cool!  A dream of ours to teach at Festival.  More photos on Leslie Tucker Jenison's blog

The collaborative painting begins with a playlist of eclectic music in the background.  When the music stops, everyone changes places, so you are not painting in the same spot the entire time.  The students painted 2 different canvases.

No painting experience necessary in this class.  Canvas is getting a little more detail

In all the classes we have taught with the painted canvas, this is the first class to add words.  Canvas #2

More details and it is coming together!

I love this!

Our students!

Cutting up the canvas, and having the students select a section from each canvas, face down, so it would be a surprise as to what they got.
Students had the option of saving one section for a future project, and cut up the other one to create art cards, postcards, ATC's and cover a journal.  Our class at CREATE in Costa Mesa has been canceled :(   Our next slate of classes will be at 
Festival in Long Beach on Thurs, July 28 - All Day Class #204; and Sat, July 30th Playful Painting on Canvas - 3 hrs/2-5pm #432


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I really want to give it a go. Will you do this in Houston?

  2. I think there should be a 12 x 12 version!!

  3. I love it! Spontaneous art, so colorful and happy.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    This would have bee a lot of fun Jamie.
    I also think it would be good to do one by oneself just to free up, and then cut up etc, and see what happens.
    Love Leslie as the "Quilt Police".
    I also think there is a also a Sewing Mafia out there too.Those ladies are SCARY!!
    There are NO RULes in my book- just many ways to do the one thing.
    Love your posts.

  5. What a fun idea! Great way to lose the inner critic!


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