Thursday, November 17, 2011

Party Time with Barbie and Pokey

The MIU Girls and friends put together a little surprise birthday party for Pokey Bolton (her birthday was a month earlier, but we wanted to do something for her). Leslie Tucker Jenison, Melly Testa, Judy Coates Perez, Indigo Perez, Sally Murray, Lindsey Murray, Frances Holliday Alford, Rachel Parris, Jane LaFazio, and me.  Kathy York and Lyric Kinard were not able to come, but were part of the gift.
So on Saturday night of Festival in Houston, each of us left Gala on the Green early, so we could set up the room for our celebration.  The centerpiece of Barbies...and not just any Barbies

but Barbies that look like is Lindsey and Sally Murray sitting on a couch

The overview of the table.  The stage is set for our celebration!
Leslie bought these great party favors and napkins

To the left is Kathy York in her famous "Surviving the Runway" bikini, and Leslie Tucker Jenison on a horse, because she is a cowgirl from Texas

The "Girls" on the left who made their debut in the International Quilt Festival's Quilt Scene magazine this month and in the exhibit "Eye of the Quilter."  Also seated are Rachel Parris, standing is Melly Testa and to her right is Judy Coates Perez

Judy on the left, with Indigo Perez's back to the camera and me sitting in my zipper skirt

We made Pokey a personalized calendar with scenes about ourselves/Barbie as quilt artists.  I had two pictures on my page, and this is the main one.
Me and my friends, all wearing the apron as personal armor...don't you love those breast plates?  My friends are so loyal and fun.  What more could a girl ask for?

One of the best parts about this celebration, is that all of us were able to keep a secret for 2 months, and she was totally surprised.  Great joy!  Pokey, Lindsey Murray and Judy Coates Perez entering the glass room at Spencer's Steakhouse

Such is hard to put into words.  To have Melly with us!  Milestones and celebrations all around.  It's good to have friends.

The giving of the calendar, which we all loved making and laughing our heads over while it was being made, as a tribute to our friend who has done so much for us.

Pokey, Melly and Frances
Indigo Perez talking about how she made her doll to look like her, even down to the hair, cap, clothing and camera.  She is a great photographer, and some of her pictures are in this post.
Jane LaFazio and her California Barbie, complete with quilt from a drawing that she did.
Lindsey Murray
Rachel Parris talking about her Barbie make-over, and how it's not so easy to give her a haircut and dye job.

Leslie Tucker Jenison and Judy Coates Perez
Sally Murray
me, Leslie and Judy

Pokey looking intently as Leslie's Texas Cowgirl, complete with hand dyed chaps made from Oil of Olay washcloths
The cake - Here's to you, Pokey!

No one can say that we don't know how to have fun!  Thank you to Indigo Perez and Frances Holliday Alford for your photos!


  1. OH how fun is this !!! What great friends you all are ! Loved seeing the dolls and their big party for Pokey !!!

  2. You are all amazing, as are your alter-egos.

  3. I have a couple R rated photos involving the lone ken on the table, lol!

  4. Oh what an evening. An exquisite moment! That photo of Melly and Pokey says it all.

  5. A great time had by all by the look of it!!

  6. That looks like SO much fun Jamie! Judy should bring out those x rated pics...

  7. You all sure know how to have fun! Loved seeing the pics, Melly, and the gang all celebrating. Way to rock the party!


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