Saturday, January 26, 2013

The High Heel Sketchbook

I was contemplating making another pair of high heels for the Kick Off Your Heels Fundraiser, and decided that I wanted to create a high heel sketchbook.  I painted the outside of a pair of heels with white Gesso, and it took a couple of coats to cover up the black.

Using a fine point Sharpie, I began to doodle on the high heels exterior surface

I didn't take too long to figure out that this was going to be long process, but well worth it

I call this 'ZenJamie' for my kind of doodling

Now you can see that I have started on the second high heel, and I tried to make sure that the same pattern didn't line up when the shoes were side by side

Underneath the heels, I am cutting out lettering to make a 'ransom alphabet.'

I am almost done, and soon, I'll have a finished pair of ZenJamie Doodle Heels.  You can make some too.  Check out the blog and see what it is all about!


  1. Well I hope your going to wear them after the fundraiser.or that someone will! They are ACE!!

  2. I'm crazy about doodling and love your shoes. Makes me wonder about other doodle applications. What a great adventure in creation...

  3. Good for you! Fabulous shoes!

  4. fabulous. great to find another artisan that does 2 very different art forms. i am also a doodler, but mostly a collage artist. love your quilting.


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