Thursday, February 06, 2014

Ode to the Typewriter

I bought this great vintage typewriter on eBay, just for making typewriter quilts.  Isn't she grand?  I love the stature of her - big and bold with great lines.
I have made a drawing of her, not too detailed, but bringing in her best features.
I took my drawing and reduced it down on my printer.  I have placed my drawing under a Goddess Sheet (made by Mistyfuse)  It's the perfect place to build my typewriter with the pre-Mistyfused fabrics.
I begin to build the middle portion, like a patchwork
close up of the upper section, where the teeth are. 

She is now built and ready to be moved off of the Goddess Sheet and onto a piece of fabric.

A close up of the keys, that were carefully hand drawn, and fussy cut out.  It was sort of a labor intensive process
This is where that beautiful linen comes in again.  I placed the typewriter directly on the linen (it too has Mistyfuse on the back of it).  Got everything pressed with my hot dry iron, then trimmed the wool blended felt around the edges, and then backed it with the same, for stability.
Then I hand stitched all the way around the typewriter and the edges of the art quilt.  It measures 15x14.  I think she's pretty fine, and I love the look of the black and white fabrics on the linen.   Stay tuned, because I am working on a series of these quilts, all different and fun.


  1. That is very cool

  2. You gave it the Royal treatment (ahem...apologies). It works wonderfully and is fascinating.

  3. this is a real beauty!

  4. Learned to type on a similar Underwood


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