Monday, November 28, 2016

My Best Photos from our trip to Belize

My man and I went to a destination wedding off the coast of Belize on San Pedro Island right before Quilt Market. Here is a sampling of my best photos from the trip

We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary here

Fanta is big here, so I had to try it. Sugar rush

The wedding ceremony on the beach

Beautiful flowers at another resort

Beautiful beach scenes. The people were friendly. Everyone drove golf carts, so it was like being on the Utopia ride at Disneyland. I read five books, ate good food and spent alot of time is great friends

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  1. Oh wow, you've brought back memories for me so thank you. I stayed on the Chapel Quay island many years ago when I was in the RAF. The film crews and actors were using all the hotel accommodation in Belize when we landed, they were filming The Dogs of War with Christopher Walken is I recall right.
    What a wonderful place to have a wedding!


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