Saturday, April 13, 2019


There comes a time in life you have to ask yourself ‘am I ever going to use this?’ In most cases, the answer is no. I admit that I am not working as much as I used to, and taking more trips to see family which is more important than being in my studio. I began the difficult task of purging and had a sale. That was just stuff on the edges. Now the big work begins. I want to simplify my life. 

I bought this cabinet at Ikea a couple of decades ago in the ‘as is’ area and had it in my house and two studios worth. Cleaned it out. It had a selection of some of my favorite things. Furniture is a big thing to move when the time comes to give up my studio, so I might as well do it now.

And it’s gone to a new home! Woot.

My inspiration wall took some time to gather all of those pieces of art. I felt that I needed to take this down and take part of it home to see if it would fit. 

I love all of my things around me, so I hung some of my work, and it will be easier to pull off the wall than all that little stuff. I also sold a cabinet that was where those red chairs are now.

Oh the out of control stash. I have found that I use a lot of my own fabric lines to make quilts and other projects, so it’s time to clean this out. 

These are all Ikea shelf units. The units on each end, i’ve had since the 90’s. They are toast. Held up by the pieces around them. I am cleaning them out first. The middle shelving I bought when I moved into my studio in 2012 and they are bolted to the wall. They will come home with me, when the time comes. I still have more to do, but at least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I consolidated all of my buttons into these small plastic jars and they fit perfectly into my parents spice rack! 

In about 2003, I bought 7 pounds of mother of pearl buttons at Festival in Houston. It’s down to one big jar. 

That big jar is now a small jar and the collector MOP buttons is on the left. Woot. Onward and upward.

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  1. You are making great progress! Getting rid of the furniture is a great idea - gives you less things to fill back up.


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