Saturday, October 26, 2019

Pages from My Sketchbook

My greatest therapy when I am down for the count is drawing. This Moleskine Storybook is my go to. My surgery told through my drawings. It helps.

I was told by the PT person that I could not put any weight on the surgical side. Major upset. I had no advance notice to get my house ready. Crap. The nurses were amazing at Hoag Orthopedic Irvine

The PT person told me that I would have to hop on one foot with a walker for six weeks. Nope. Ordered a wheelchair from Amazon

There is no way I am going to hop around my house. My feet are deformed and not able to do this. Of course the PT person had other ideas.

After much convincing and talking to the PT person, she insisted that we get wheelchair assistance and have a truck take me home. We opted out of that. I have 2 steps into the house and they aren’t over 3”

Nurse Derpy can watch over me. He’s on Instagram @theoderpyshire

A little depression is seeping in. It’s hard to stand on one foot to get from point A to point B

I am using my 4 wheel walker to get around my house until the wheelchair arrives. One baseboard in my house will have to be replaced after this

This is from last Sunday, October 20th and there is more to come. Thanks for coming on my journey. Onward and upward.


  1. This is just wonderful. What a thing you have been/are going through! but the documentation is terrific. And uplifting! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Courageous, positive woman! I hope you are soon up and running . . . well, maybe not running. Ambling?
    All the best, Jamie.


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