Monday, April 27, 2020

Visual Journal and Work in Progress

I tend to take these photos on my lap since I am home in the late afternoon

This is a trying time in our lives being on lock down. I see all kinds of people complaining about having to stay home, but I wanted to give another point of view: make the best of what you have

Reading has become a huge escape for me. Open it up and fall in and not think about anything else. 

This is one of the projects that I am working on. Sort of improv inside the circles with shade

Getting back into genealogy. I am being my boxes to my studio to work on, so I can spread out!

I’ve gone back to my natural hair color after having pink hair for four years: 

If you are on Instagram, Pokey Bolton has a live feed at 1:00pm Pacific Time everyday of the week @craftalifenapa is the handle. I will be her guest on Thursday, April 30

Scraps of stenciled fabrics that I am using for my next project. 

I listened to a terrific podcast on @Nashville restaurant radio with my nephew Brandon Styll interviewing chef and restaurant owner Hugh Acheson about the restaurant industry in the time of Corona. Link to watch interview with a Lyric Kinard Youtube now at

This is what I am making with my old workshop samples and quilted stenciled scraps

Working on family history

Bobbin winding day! I’ve got things to sew. We are having a heat wave.

Another fun circle, making a broken circle? These will be sewn onto back wool blended felt

It was a hot one at 96 today and I stayed home. No a/c in my studio. Me and the pool have bonded. 

More things I can do to keep my mind off the things that I can’t. Be safe and well everyone!

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  1. Your optimism is honestly such a gift. Thank you.


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