Friday, August 28, 2020

The Curvelets and me

Two friends Michele Muska and Leslie Tucker Jenison are having a sew along on Instagram with these tiny templates made by BettyCrockerAss aka Jen Carlton Bailey. 

This is how small they are. 1-1/2 inches! They come with this cool booklet

And since I am a rebel and I don’t piece, I am making mine out of felt, because - why not?

Ventured out to the eye doctor

My Curvelets so far

I am enjoying a new book series by Ashley Weaver - Amory Ames mysteries

Getting innovative now with printed felt

We’re having a heck of a heat wave and I am hanging out at home

Could do this style....or

Working on this one

I am enjoying drawing and painting these little glimpses into our lives

Go forth and conquer! Imagine the possibilities! 


  1. thank you for your positive and colorful life and sharing the joy through your drawing/paintings with the world!!

  2. You bring me Joy each time I read your posts. Keep sharing and have a great September, can’t believe it is here but glad it is.

  3. Hi Jamie, Love the templates! Are they available for purchase?


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