Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What I’ve been Working On

The 100 Day Project on Instagram is moving along

Objects of my Affection. Even the dust buster made the cut!

I joined The Sketchbook Project. Brooklyn Art Museum will get my completed book by in August 

This is just a couple of my house drawings so far in the book. 

The garden is blooming. This is a lilac vine

And the weirdest thing is that my Roma tomatoes are still growing! 

The table redo project has started up again!

I think the hallway project was a warm up for this project

I can hardly wait to paint in the stems and leaves. It will really bring it altogether! And the background color too!

I designed this logo for Tipsy Tea Thursday’s for two friends who host an Instagram Live every Thursday at 2:00pm Pacific Time. Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michele Muska. Two people to follow! Another project with Curvelets. Instead of the tiny ones like they did before, they are using larger templates by BettyCrockerAss. This project is sponsored by The Tea Guys. This is the shape of their teabags. The paper tag is a Curvelet block. 

This is my Curvelet project made entirely out of wool blended felt, except for the printed felt. I Mistyfused each block to wool felt backing and the hand sewed the squares. Templates are 1-1/2”. Everyone else hand pieced fabric. I don’t piece anything, so felt was my option! 

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  1. Your blog is truly a drop of sunshine in my week. Thank you for sharing all this color and whimsy!


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