Monday, March 18, 2024

And Now for Something Completely Different

I read this book for so many reasons, but one in particular…focus. I saw myself in many of the pages of this book. The author wrote in a style that really resonated with me. It was like sitting down with a good friend and talking about ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I do have many traits and it was good to finally understand myself just a little bit more 

It was suggested to use one of these time clocks. Set it to how much time is reasonable. And then do a task, or sew, or reorganize something. You can reset it if you want more time. It really helps with focus.

Every 15 minutes to work on this project 13 square-ish, until I didn’t need the clock

Detail. A collage of wool felt, hand embroidery, buttons, felt flowers and balls. I used to teach this class

Another view

This was going to be a BiG project, but setting the clock at 30 minutes made it do-able. These are getting ready to hang on a wall. The story of family and their first dishes and a few of my own

Reorganizing my pre-fused fabrics. Another big job and used the timer clock to just focus and get it done 

These sweet umbrellas hold my neck scarves. Since we had a few rooms repainted recently, these needed to be repainted

They turned out really bright, fun and colorful. 

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