Friday, June 16, 2017

The House Quilt Project

I believe in giving back, so I created The House Quilt Project and teamed up with Furnishing Hope. The furnish homes and apartments.  I am looking for quilters to make house quilts for The House Quilt Project. I have two different projects at this time. 1) Heart of the Home, which is above. For women and children that are transitioning out of homelessness. These quilts are bright, fun and geared for women. 14x14 square. Please visit THQP blog by clicking on this link

My second project "Patriotic House Quilts" is for wounded service members, covering all branches of the armed services.  This wall quilt is 12x16 vertical format and must have a house and an American flag on it. These need to be in masculine colors and themes. The scoop is on THQP blog - see the upper tabs. Link is above.

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  1. No doubt such a perfect project you guys have done. So beautiful and yet attractive too. I just love the way you have presented your project is just wonderful.


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