Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is moving along, and I am happy to say that I haven't missed one day yet. The challenge for myself is to draw on tags without using a pencil. Just a Sharpie Extra Fine Point Pen. It is a bit of a challenge to not use pencil first. This is #44, and it's my luggage for Quilt Market. Packed and ready to head out

Maybe I should have drawn this before I had my first glass of Frog's Leap wine?

My own version of a Starbucks cup for St. Louis

There was alot of unsavory stuff happening on Facebook while I was away, and I just drew the first thing that came to my mind about how we should be behaving on social media. Be nice everyone.

I took alot of pictures of the neighborhoods in St. Louis. I love their houses. This is just one grouping.

On the day of departure from St. Louis, I got several texts that my flight was delayed. Well, it was delayed for about 2 hours, which meant that I was not going to make my connection in Phoenix. Southwest pulled off the impossible. There were 14 people, including me that had this same connection. They held the plane for us, and waited until we were all on the plane, and our luggage too. Thank you Southwest!

Antique phone inspired by watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Was a little under the weather when I got home from St. Louis, and almost lost my voice. I stayed home and drank hot tea, alot of water and binge watched '13 Reasons Why' which was intense to say the least.

Day 52 with a drawing of my key chain and my keepsakes. Swiss Army Knife, and a strong women bob. House key and studio keys.  My 100 day tags are all on one large ring and it is fun to see the huge stack. More than half-way through this project.

Put a bird on it.

Day 54 - Blue Bottle Coffee on Saturday, May 27 of Memorial Day Weekend.
Day 80 - a travel day to Seattle
Day 85 - Home, where love resides - after two back-to-back trips, I am happy to be home! When this 100 Day Project ends, I will begin a new project inside a book and use the printed pages as my sketchbook. Stay tuned.


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