Thursday, July 07, 2005


Self-Portrait for Quilting Arts Magazine Challenge
I love to wear beads, and in fact I'm known to my friends as the "Bead Queen." So, here we go. Bright batik background with beads. Hot pink face, orange hibiscus in my hair, for when I go to San Francisco. And a beautiful beaded necklace around my neck. Face image is a rubber stamp that looks like me, that I enlarged and transferred to fabric. Oh, and don't you just love the blue hair? I also used Neocolor II pens to enhance my face, so I could look alive. This was a very fun project!


  1. it's you...vibrant, bright, alive and lovely!

  2. It's wonderful. I wish we could see a picture of you so we could compare...

    Lisa, another beadaholic

  3. The colors are wonderful and the portrait is charming. I can actually imagine the Hi-tops and polka dot socks!

  4. ooh, fabulous. the fact that you were having a great time really shows.


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