Tuesday, December 27, 2005

La Vie Boehme

The happy life! I've really enjoyed making this piece made up of tiny squares of fabric that are fused and originally sewn as one piece, cut it up and put it back together another way. Plus I used all my leftover fabric that I store in ziplok bags. It could be the start of a "Scrap" series, but I am not happy with that word, perhaps "slices" or "bottom of the bag". The circles were in-set into the holes. It is free-motion machine quilted and in some areas painted with ink. My style - vibrant color and I'm not afraid to use it. And I love the funky shape. 18-1/2" x 31" I had to tweak the actually holes that I made in the quilt to inset the circles, and finally finished it up in January 2006. Rejected for Visions and accepted in Houston!!! Yahoo. Jumping up and down over this one.


  1. Jamie, it's absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I love your style, the vibrant color, the embellishments. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jamie, this is a very HOT quilt! The circles appear to be "floating" on the surface ... did you place shadows there with inks or ... ? I love it ... I want it!

  3. love this quilt too...its beautiful...wonderful color...

  4. This is a very incredible quilt!

  5. Wow Jamie, you are one talented chick. :-) I'm perusing your blog and finding more and more to like. Found your link in one of the SAQA digests.
    Jane LaFazio
    San Diego


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