Monday, August 28, 2006

Heavy Metal

As a result from designing my Heavy Metal Series of FFAC postcards - this quilt was re-done to reflect the idea of using the really cool black trim with the silver rings. Then I went to hardware store and bought washers, springs and other fun pieces. All pieces are hand sewn on and there are black beads, household screen and tulle. 20.5W x 29.5L
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  1. Love the hardware! Nice touch, and not too much!

  2. Beautiful colors and nice sense of movement. Very creative on the embellishments too. They add a nice touch.

  3. wonderful. I love how your postcard designs turned into gorgeous quilts. I especially love the mixed media of this one.

  4. It all works together wonderfully! I, too, like finding goodies at hardware stores ... especially the old fashioned ones that have little drawers full of "treasures".


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