Saturday, February 02, 2008

Guest on Quilting Arts TV - a pbs show

Pokey and I before my guest segment began. It was a very positive experience and everyone involved made me feel at ease. We talked about my Heavy Metal series and my love for zippers. She really sets the tone with her calm and friendly personality. I had to the pleasure to hang out with fellow quilt artist - Wen Redmond from New Hampshire. We had a delightful time getting ready for our segments, shopping at Nordstrom, and then treated ourselves to a great dinner with wine! CLICK ON THE TITLE TO SEE QUILTING ARTS BLOG ABOUT TAPING

We're getting our microphones and Kathie Stull, the producer of the show is asking me questions about my work. She was a pleasure to work with.

Isn't the set nice? I loved the color as it was calming to be in that room...till I looked forward to the camera, lights, people watching. Yikes. We sat down during my guest appearance. It was almost like sitting down with a friend and having a conversation about your passion for art!
Thank you to Barbara Delaney (Quilting Arts, LLC) who took these pictures for me and she was a huge support before, during and after.


  1. Jamie,
    How exciting for you! If I were in your shoes I probably wouldn't have noticed it was 16º, rather I'd be shivering from nerves. I ordered the DVD and can't wait to see the shows. You appear very relaxed in the photos.

  2. congrats Jamie!!! what an honor, and a wonderful experience.
    I'm going in August for my taping!

  3. Sorry we missed each other, but it was great fun, wasn't it? I'd do it again in a minute.

  4. you do look very relaxed. I wish our spots had overlapped more, so we could have hung out and cheered each other on.

  5. It was wonderful to get to meet last week at CHA!
    Everything looks Great here!
    Sandra Evertson


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