Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Moo Cards

mini moo cards
1 x 2-3/4's
all of my info on the back
aren't these cool?
you can download
100 jpegs if you want
too fun for words


  1. Love your Moo cards--especially the sneakers! I think those sneakers are going to be your trademark image.

  2. What a wonderful mini collection of your work. It really shows a definite style coming through.

  3. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I have been using moo cards for about a year now, they are the best. People love to look through my set and pick out their favorite card. Any one want to do an little mini exchange? I'll send one of mine if you send me one of yours; 3532 Timbercreek Rd. Pipe Creek, TX 78063

  4. So cute! Love the moo cards, very creative!

  5. I got some moo cards a while back and absolutely love them, although all of my friends have started saying as soon as they see me, "yes, I have your moo card." :-) Yours are fabulous!


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