Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Living Out Loud

26.5H x 37.5W "Living Out Loud" 2008 I had so much fun making this piece that is part of my Heavy Metal Series. A collage of silks, woven, bridal fabrics, velvet, rubber stamping, grommets in which there are holes in the piece. The three sections can actually zip off from one another making it easier to work on, especially when it came to free-motion machine quilting. It also has beads, safety pins, snaps, household screen, felt beads, washers, and ring trim. "The complexities of life, layered upon one another - the hills and valleys, mountains and rivers, my journey as an artist through this road map of vibrant colors, where I find new directions in which to express myself."
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  1. So exuberant!!! Love the way the pieces could be moved around----moods different everyday, as the artist is!

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I love this piece! The zippers are very cool and add so much to the composition. I really enjoy all the work on your blog.


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