Monday, November 03, 2008

Project Runway in MIU - 2008

We time-warped back to the 80's - and we all had to dance and generally make fools of ourselves to get supplies to make 80's masterpieces; some got better stuff than others. But we all started with a record, LP, Licorice Pizza (dating myself)
Here is Leslie Jenison with her new 80's crown, or could it be a tiara? Could have used this on Friday night at the Tiara party. Darn.
Deb Boschert sporting sweat bands (very 80's), a charming neck piece and what is that below her waist? A wango tango! Her record split in half perfectly!
Kathy York won the prize for the best 80's costume. Remember that part about some people getting better supplies than most? This was one of them - she got a bra, and I got pink spongie curlers! Okay, but she did dance on a chair to get it, and I am still recovering from hip replacement surgery.
Here is my masterpiece, which is now hanging on my wire dress form in my studio. I did not wear it to model when we all had to dance around the entire MIU area, and there were a zillion cameras flashing at every turn. Blackmail shots for sure. My masterpiece was still wet, and I was dressed for dinner, and no apron. I am calling it my badge of courage. A totally insane, but fun, out of control, but have to be creative under pressure, kinda of hour long process. I don't think I'm good at this. Let's go to dinner.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I love these photos so much...

    And that's so cool you have your masterpiece hanging in your studio! Can you take some snaps of it for me? I would love to put it on the MIU page for Chicago when we start promoting it. Rock on, Jamie!

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Looks too cool. You guys are having waaay too much FUN!!


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