Friday, December 05, 2008

Making Gifts for Friends

These are sections of a group quilt about the Carousel at the Pike in Long Beach; I made each artist a fabric shrine to honor their portion of the group quilt (view the quilt on Cut-Loose Quilters blog)
above is Cindy Cooksey's rabbit
above is Julie Schlueter's zebra
above is Terry Waldron's giraffe
above is Vickie Valdez-Green's Lion
above is Stacy Hurt's horse


  1. Those are absolutely delightful, Jamie -- although ALL your work is!

  2. I'm not quite sure why these are called shrines, though they are delightful little quiltlets.
    Can you explain?

  3. These are so cool! Lucky friends.


  4. Jamie, I love these! I see "mendoquilts" asked the same question I was wondering about ... what makes these beautiful little pieces "shrines"? Are they mounted or made three-dimensional in someway?

  5. Oh, they are lovely. I'd like to know what makes them shrines as well.


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