Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Art Studio - Main Room

My studio - my home away from home. Commemorating renewing my lease for another year, without a rent increase! This sacred place, that my DH calls the clubhouse, is less than 2 minutes from our house. From the main room, I can see all the way through to my office and the stash/design room because the upper portion of each wall is glass. Post-it-Notes on the window are reminders of what needs to be done, the things that I am waiting to hear about, and shipping information for pieces yet to go.
My design wall is in the middle - made of headliner and wool felt that is stapled to the wall. One the left is my keepsake shelf of all of my favorite things. Like a Godzilla squeaker toy that my DH gave me when we were dating. A black dog from my childhood. Gifts from friends. The red cabinet on the other side is filled with paint and tools. This area is my view when I sew. My Grandma Alice is watching over me from the design wall.
This is the opposite wall, where all of my supplies are - in Iris Mini Chests. Some of my art quilts from my Heavy Metal Series are hanging on the wall. I have two 6 foot tables in my sewing area. There are windows all across the front of my studio with a lovely view of the parking lot of the office park that my studio is located in. The front door is always locked for obvious reasons. I do have friends come to work with me from time to time, which is always an extra bonus. My small art quilt group - The Cut-Loose Quilters also meet here once a month.


  1. Thanks for the studio tour. It looks like you, bright and colorful and very artistic. It's a great space!

  2. Sigh, I am jealous. What a great space. My rooms always look like the hurricane just went through. I would be embarrassed to post them.

  3. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Loved the pictures of your studio. I am so jealous that you have windows but I am thankful I have a room :). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing the studio photos Jamie.
    I never tire of seeing other's studios.
    Yours is so much fun and yet a great space to work in.
    Love it!


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