Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quilting Arts TV - Taping

I shared my apron from the article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine (Mar/Apr '09 issue), plus 2 new ones. I also demonstrated how to use Mistyfuse on the skirt of one apron and sewed 2 pieces of fabric together on the Bernina 830 using the new dual feed feature.
Apron as Personal Armor with Heavy Metal Mouse
Me and HMM, before the taping
me in my personal armor apron and Pokey in the Punk Rock Diva apron


  1. Oh wow! I have had your blog in my "blogs I follow" list for a while. Somehow I missed the previous two posts. I am so excited to think that I will SEE a blogger I read right on QA TV.

    I am so thrilled to know that you will get such wonderful exposure. Yaaaay!!!!!!

  2. I love it you guys rock!

  3. Love, love the aprons

  4. Love the photo of you and Pokey wearing your aprons. Your Heavy Metal Mouse gets around! (in almost every photo)

  5. I'm in the green room now--your aura is still here! Saw a cool video of you with a lint roller! Kelli

  6. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I had a lot of fun backstage. It was great meeting you!

  7. That photo of you and Pokey is so fantastic! Red glowing eyes and are both so glamorous. Sending lots of love to you! Rock on!


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