Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I went to Britex in San Francisco over the weekend and this is what I found on my treasure hunt. The 3rd floor is all about trim, so you can imagine *yes* I spent alot of time there. I only bought two pieces of fabric, but ohhhh, the fabric - the printed one was $125/yard and I have 1/4 of a yard of it and it's wide and 2-sided.


  1. $125 a yard? For real? Holy guacamole. How much for an inch? lol

  2. Wow, do I love Britex! I have spent hours and hours in there and left without buying a thing--it's just too overwhelming to focus. I do have one little piece of fabric I bought the last time I was there and have yet to cut into. It was too expensive for just any old thing! Hope you are better than I am at that--your treasures are divine!

  3. I used to go to Britex all of the time when I lived in San Francisco. The costuming fabrics were so inviting, but I could never decide what I would do with them. Next time you are there, check out the Frank Lloyd Wright building just behind Britex through the back door on Maiden Lane... it is circular just like the Gugenheim museum and always has a good exhibit.

    Wishing I was in SF right now!!!


  4. Wow, as so the process begins, the mind swirling with ideas on how to use your expensive treasures. My question is how do you cut somthing that costs that much! I have a hard time cutting my hand painted fabric! LOL Can't wait to see what you create with it!

  5. You practiced such self-control! I'm very impressed.
    You chose some lovely items.

  6. Britex was my first fabric shopping experience where I was unable to make a decision! St. Teresa's Textile Trove was the second place.

    I'd never seen so much silk fabrics in one place in my entire life until I had been to Britex!


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