Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Foot Square 2009 for SAQA Auction

"Coffee on the House"
is the name of this piece; and thanks to everyone who gave me ideas of what to name it. If you want to look it up on the SAQA website, click on this


  1. I like them all but before I even read them, my first thought was "Have a Cup of Coffee on the House!"

    I love, love, love the piece by the way!

  2. Hi, my name is Nazare. Sorry to bother you. I have been through experiments to star art quilt. I love them and I have no experience at all. I know I have to buy some books and get some lessons, but I'd like to make a question. When you built your quilt like this one, do you turn the edges or just heat them with bond, and quilt after? Thanks... Love all your quilts. xx

  3. Casa Java
    Casa Latte
    A Whole Latte House
    Joe's Place

    (I could go on and on!)

  4. I was sure it was a teacup. Maybe some play on that? House of Tea? Tea House? Tea for Duplex? I dunno. It's whimiscal and fun though :-)

  5. Thank you Jamie for your kindness in answer my question. I am going buying some of that that Mistyfuse and try it. Have a nice weekend. xx

  6. "Nourishment" was my first thought when I saw all the veggies. The bright colors for joy and vitality, the veggies for good food, the cup of tea for peace and relaxation, and the home to welcome are all nourishment for the soul. Good luck coming up with a name -- the quilt is wonderful.

  7. Another wonderful little piece! I like "Coffee on the House".

  8. My first thought was
    Coffee House.

    Green Tea

    I love the piece.

  9. I would incorporate Java Jive in the title somehow, as those colors are just jivin'

    It's a great piece Jamie!


  10. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Love this piece!

    a couple of suggestions:
    green house
    coffee shoppe
    roof top coffee
    cuppa house
    beverage hut
    cup hut
    coffee abode
    veggie hut

  11. Fun quilt! I like Green Tea, also Tea House. (But then I am a tea drinker)

  12. Hi Jamie! I'm so glad you are going to be joining me for my WBC party! I think it's going to be really fun and very inspirational! I think this is the blog you want me to link to. If it's not just let me know!

    Mt Desert Cottage

  13. Oh my gosh - this is great; I just love it!!

  14. Love your piece! (and your other work too...)

  15. Jamie, I LOVE "Coffee on the House." It is awesome and speaks to me. I'm delighted that it raised so much money.


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