Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Square Dance

I am a big planner, in my head and on paper. I marked the sections of this art quilt with post-it-notes, so I can could keep them all straight, right side up and in the right order. I am not sure what happened, but project took on a life of its own. Never before have I ripped out my stitches, trim, and zippers in an attempt to have straighter sides. What was I thinking?
I have struggled with this over the last couple of months of putting this together,
which is not like me at all. My word for 2010 is "choose."
I choose to not let this project get the best of me.

Today it all came together. I am so over it - trying to make it perfect.
I am an artist!
I'm not perfect.
It's my art - my way. It is what it is.

Square Dance - 38.5H x 28.5W


  1. looks fabulous Jamie!

  2. Love it, Jamie. You continue to amaze and inspire me.

  3. Thank you for posting the pic of your finished artwork. Just love the pattern and colours.

  4. You, wanting straight edges?!? My world view just tilted 90 degrees!


  5. Hmmmm..... if you're over it does that mean I can have it? hahaha Love it - has a mosaic tile feel.

  6. cazms58:32 AM

    I covet this quilt...just fabulous!

  7. This piece is SO fun! Btw, I love your 2010 word, "choose." Reminding myself that I am always free to choose a different way of life, a different path, a different method, a different way of reacting to the lemons of life, etc. makes me feel much more powerful and in control of my life. Thanks for this reminder!

  8. Someone said it has a mosaic feel; I think so , too. Another great piece, I love it!

  9. It has so much movement. Despite the hassles, you've made a wonderful quilt.

  10. I REALLY love this piece.........


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