Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Little Mini Quilts at the CHA Show

I am standing in the Lark Books booth at the CHA Show in Anaheim, holding a copy of "Pretty Little Mini Quilts." Sarah Ann Smith's work is on the cover. Here is the page my art quilt is on! So exciting to hold it in my hands. The book doesn't officially come out till March!


  1. Oh you lucky soul... you have had your hands on a COPY of the book! I was so tickled when I browsed Amazon a while back and discovered I'd made the cover! Can't wait to see your project and the others!
    Cheers, Sarah

  2. fabulous pic! Can't wait to see the book xoxo

  3. Oh how exciting congrats to all of you!!!

  4. Jamie, What a great picture of you! I look forward to seeing the book.

  5. Sorry to have missed you at the CHA show. I did pop by the Larks booth, but they were too busy for me to chat with anyone. Darn. Maybe next time I'll have a chance.



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