Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rock n'Roll Studio Clean up

The main room; stuff piled on the floor from workshops, and art supplies from home
Now cleaned up and put away. The floor is beautifully clean and ready for visitors.
Design Room - the accumulation of stuff. This room was not working out well with the futon that you can barely see, since it became a place to put things.
Oh the beauty of the floor...clean for now! An extra table could be set up in here now for larger projects or visiting artists.
Futon is moved out, cabinets moved to underneath the stash shelves, making it a more efficient space.


  1. Outstanding!! Now you can really play!! Reminds me of when the kids were little: twice a year I would clean and organize their rooms, it was heaven for them: they would play for days, saying it was like Christmas. You must feel the same way, but better, since you had to do all the work!!!

  2. What dramatic before and afters you have. LOL! Congratulations.

  3. it must feel lighter than air - all that breathing room. So nice to see great results for all the work,

  4. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Isn't a clean and organized studio a delight? Yours is so colorful & inviting. I did a major re-do a few years ago and now I make it a habit to clean up at least once a week. (I tend to get a lot of stuff out while in the midst of creative frenzy). I've always said that if the regional magazine called and said they were sending a photographer over could be ready in an hour. LOL

  5. I want to be a visiting artist!! This looks like a fun space, congrats. :D (Cool floor, too, I can see the carpet color and everything!)

  6. Jamie, you are so inspiring. I have my sewing table now cleaned! Working on my floor. Do you hire out?


  7. I just picked up Embellished Mini Quilts. I didn't realize it was yours until I was reading it and then saw your picture. I love the book. So many great ideas. Thanks.

  8. I am having "Floor Envy" here :) I keep dreaming of that wonderful breathing room.... I did get my cutting table empty for a little while, so that was my accomplishment.

  9. The studio looks great!!! I just did the same thing over January and this month. I have been posting pics on my blog also!


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