Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Views from the Fiber Artistry Exhibit

"Fiber Artistry."   I am the curator and featured artist in this section of the OC Fair - showing a retrospect of my work and a selection of art quilts by 12 quilt artists. 
Fiber Artistry 40 foot sign on the outside of the building; banner inside building for our exhibit.  Isn't it great?!!!

Artists are: Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey, Grace Errea, Jamie Fingal, Stacy Hurt, Jean C. Impey, Julie Schlueter, Teresa Shippy, and Susan Slesinger, Vickie Valdez Green, and Terry Waldron.  Art quilts and mixed media round robin books by the Cut-Loose Quilters of Orange:  Peggy Calvert, Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey, Anne Copeland, Jamie Fingal, Stacy Hurt, Julie Schlueter, Terry Waldron and Vickie Valdez Green.


  1. WOW! What a fantastic exhibit!!! How gorgeous! GREAT WORK JAMIE!

  2. It looks fabulous! I am blown away. Woohoo, Jamie!

  3. wow is right! that looks fantastic! the most beautiful 'fair' presentation I've ever seen. LOVE the signage too! stupendous job, Jamie. Because of you, thousands of people who may never have seen an art quilt, are now educated to what we do. GREAT JOB!

  4. Absolutely fabulous! Congratulations!

  5. Thank you for sharing these photos with us and congratulations to you (though not surprising)!


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