Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One - On the Set of Quilting Arts TV

Leslie, Jeannie and I finished up at CREATE in Rosemont, IL on Sunday and flew to Cleveland, OH for the taping of Series 700 at Quilting Arts TV.  We needed to be in the studio at 8am to get ready.   Leslie Tucker Jenison, Jeannie Moore and me hanging out in the Green Room. 
Karen the make-up artist getting reading to make all of us beautiful for the camera!  She does an amazing job.  We all felt like stars!
Having fun with the camera as we head into my first segment about my Doc Marten series.  This will be on Segment #707
Photograph taken from the TV monitor in the Green Room; talking about my series and some of the techniques that I used
The Green Room.  Each guest artist has an area designated for their work.  I shipped a box to the studio ahead of time for one of my spots.
Leslie Tucker Jenison and Pokey Bolton talking about screen printing for Segment #705

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