Sunday, August 08, 2010

Painting the town Red with Heavy Metal

Fabric of Vision on Main in Ashland, Oregon where my Heavy Metal series began!  Sandi Globus is the owner of this fine fabric store.  An eclectic mix of quilting fabrics, silk, wool, gauze, wool felt, bamboo felt, abundance of trims, zippers, patterns, clothing ideas, aprons, and eye candy.  Ashland is also home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and my family's vacation destination for the last seven years
Beautiful flowers sent by my good friend, Leslie Tucker Jenison sent to match my Heavy Metal series.  Look at the two magazines by the flowers!  How cool is that?
Display with my Punk Rock Diva apron and all of the trims that I have bought over the years
me on opening night of the First Friday Art Walk
The long and tall brick wall that all of the art quilts are displayed on
Portals, Metal Frugue and Apron as Personal Armor
a view from the front of the store with the door open
the trim display
a close up of the table with all of my favorite heavy metal trims and my book!  I met two women from our B&B - Lynn and Susan who each bought my book, went back to the store to buy fabric to make something artsy!  It just doesn't get any better than that!


  1. How fun Jamie!
    Well planned to be part of the art walk.
    Wish the people could have stepped up closer to the art, but there are lots of reasons not to do that.
    Congratulations! Nice of Leslie to send matching flowers!

  2. You look beautiful, everything looks great, and I hope you had a fantastic time at your opening!

  3. I have been in this store and your work looks wonderful - congratulations on the solo show

  4. Wow, that brick wall goes perfectly with your industrial design. And how smart of you to wear RED! Congratulations.


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