Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Houston Traditions

In the Los Angeles Times there used to be a column called "My Best Shot" where people could submit a photograph that they considered their best.  I am sharing the best picture that I took at Festival.  Frances Holliday Alford and Rachel Parris - two long time friends, so endearing, so touching, so wonderful.

Taking pictures of our shoes - see Leslie Tucker Jenison's article in the new "Quilt Scene" about shoes and what to wear to Festival.  Who knew we were so fashion forward?

And no evening would be complete without the art of being silly. No hams here, but some sort of mysterious animals.

Rachel Parris doing her "too much sharing" signal.  What were we talking about at dinner?  LOL

Donating a piece of your artwork to the IQA Auction.  My small 10x10 Urban Footscape went to the highest bidder for $200.  Great for IQA.

And Leslie and I always take a picture of our luggage upon arriving at the hotel, and departing.  This is upon arrival at the Hilton.  And we thought we had less luggage, because we had a smaller car to bring it all in.  Maybe it was the cooler that sent us over the edge.  We just couldn't do without real whipping cream for our coffee and triple cream brie for cocktail hour. Silly girls.

Saying farewell to my friend Michelle Flores on Saturday.  She was here for Market and works for Hoffman Fabrics and then stayed to attend her First Festival.  Hoffman Fabrics donated Bali Pops for our apron classes, which was so wonderful.

Taking weird pictures.  Took this through my wine glass at Leslie sitting at the head of the table.  It might be fun to play with this in Photoshop.

This is a woman with what seems to be an unprecedented amount of talent, however not for spoons, although this was a clever move on her part.  We'll see about next year for her too!

Helen Gregory achieving the art of spooning...on her chin...who knew! 
Leslie and I with our luggage on the way out.  This is not an illusion.  My right arm is holding onto the other cart, while the bellman takes the picture for us.

Three friends all with the same shoes, and if Rachel had not gone home early, her matching shoes could have made this a foursome x 2.  We were all waiting to pick up our quilts at the end of the show on Sunday.  My advice if you ever want to do this -  Just write the check and have them sent to you.  I don't take pictures of the quilts at the show, unless they are mine, so check out  Susan Brubaker Knapp has several lovely posts on her blog with quilts from the show,  if you want to see them.  What a fabulous time we had at Festival 2010!


  1. Nice shot of Melly and I doing the hamster pose, lol!

    Gee I wonder if Rachel made the signal while I was talking? LOL

  2. Thanks for the shout-out and link, Jamie! Oooooh, I so missed out not being there; looks like you had SO much fun. Maybe next year!


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