Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilt of Pure Love

Quilt of Pure Love for our friend, Melly Testa, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and in undergoing chemo at present.  A group of us decided that we needed to make her a quilt to show her how much we love her.  Even though we are not there to hold her hand, she can wrap all of our love around her. 
Those of us who made blocks for the quilt were  Lyric Kinard, Jane LaFazio, Kelli Nina Perkins, Tracie Huskamp, Alisa Burke, Gloria Hansen, Jill Berry, Carla Sonheim, Diana Trout, Pokey Bolton, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Judy Perez and her daughter Nina Perez and me.

We each made 12" and 6' blocks with the theme of birds, which Melly would love.  The color blue for healing and comfort. The back of the blocks are blue cotton flannel and the batting is wool. Lyric volunteered to stitch the quilt blocks together and made it into a quillow.   This is my 12" block.  I also made 4 each 6" blocks.

This girl has googily eyes and is a reminder of a memorable evening we had together in Chicago at Create last Summer.  Who knows what kind of fun you can have with a bottle of wine, slap happy women, and a bag of googily eyes!


  1. This is really touching!! The support of good friends always helps during the healing process!

  2. What supportive loving friends. My heart goes out to Melly and I hope this quilt can bring warmth and comfort to her.

  3. Caring and actually showing it is such a good and healing emotion to have and to see in others. I know she will be more than touched.

  4. Anonymous9:31 PM

    What a wonderful, care-filled gift!

  5. This is really a great work, I really love it. They looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. these pictures are beautiful, really great work.


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